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Carrot Cupcakes

Hey hey guys, So my mum wanted carrot cupcakes for her to bring to work, so here I am decided to make this video~ Ingredients Cupcakes 80g Brown sugar 185ml Olive oil 125ml Golden syrup 3 Eggs 1tsp Vanilla extract […]

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Neapolitan Cupcakes

Hey hey guys, So Neapolitan Cupcakes, basically I got inspired by of course the long time favourite classic ice cream Neapolitan. So basically it’s Vanilla and Chocolate cakes and Strawberry icing. I feel bit lazy when I’m making this tutorial, […]

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Zombie Eye Cupcakes

Hi guise! Last week of October and I think I am obligated to do Halloween related tutorial. So, in the spirit of Halloween day, I am going to show you have to make the Zombie Eye Cupcakes made from green […]

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