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Japanese Deco Roll Cake ❤

Hi guys! Since I am still full of cupcakes from last week, this week I will post the recipe for the Japanese Deco Roll Cake! If you check my YouTube channel at – https://www.youtube.com/user/abyissoawesome, you can find a lot of other […]

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Cupcake stall update

Hi everyone!   First of all, thank you so  much for those people that bought my cupcakes last Saturday. It took me the whole intense 2 days to prep the whole thing. It was crazy busy and stressful. But I […]

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Hello Everyone!

Hi peeps! I am so excited to launch this official website of mine. I do realise this is a big commitment to have but I will try my best to maintain it with love of love and pretty pictures 🙂 […]

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