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Rolo Cheesecake

Hi hi everyone, Another cheesecake tutorial~ Woohoo~ My work friend actually inspired me to do this one and Taadaa!!!!! Hope you guys enjoy it 😀 Ingredients 250g Oreos 80g Butter 500g Cream cheese 1/2cup Caster sugar 1tsp Vanilla extract 1tsp […]

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Zombie Biscuits

Happy Halloween guys!!! So today is a bit of a cheat cheat since My sister actually got me this awesome Zombie biscuit kit and I am loving it!!!! Hope you guys enjoy the video~ Ok guys, until next time~ Xoxo, […]

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Australia Tag

Hey hey peeps, Another random video today. I thought I want to try doing some tag video so why not! I choose Australia tag as my first tag as I thought it will be appropriate since I live here 😀 […]

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Carrot Cupcakes

Hey hey guys, So my mum wanted carrot cupcakes for her to bring to work, so here I am decided to make this video~ Ingredients Cupcakes 80g Brown sugar 185ml Olive oil 125ml Golden syrup 3 Eggs 1tsp Vanilla extract […]

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Oreo Marshmallow Slices

Hey hey peeps, Trust me, this is going the last one of my Oreo tutorial. Until I got inspired again, but probably won’t be until a very long time. Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy it. Ingredients 250g Oreos […]

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Dinosaur Speckles

Hey hey peeps! In the spirit of Jurassic World the movie, here I am making this dinosaur shape speckles! All you need is these 2 ingredients – Chocolate and hundreds and thousand! And of course your favourite cookie cutter! You […]

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